5 Best Free WordPress Related Posts Plugins

Encourage your visitors to read more content and visit more pages on your site by installing the WordPress related posts plugin.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) displays pages, posts, and custom post types related to the current entry, introducing your readers to other relevant content on your site.

If you are running a very large site, then YARPP can be very resource intensive. The pro version of the plugin solves this problem by performing content matching heavy-lifting on YARPP’s own servers.

Related Posts Thumbnails Plugin for WordPress

Related Posts by WPBrigade will add related posts thumbnails after the post. This Related Posts Plugin allows to customize thumbnail sizes, display settings and type of relation.

By default it uses generated by WordPress thumbnail for the first image appeared in the post, that was uploaded on the server with sizes as set in Media settings. You can select between ‘thumbnail’ and ‘medium’ size options.

Related Posts for WordrPress

This plugin offers you the ability to link related posts to each other with just 1 click it creates its own cache and does all the heavy lifting in the admin panel, offering you quality related posts while keeping your website fast.

Related Posts for WordPress has a related post shortcode allowing you to display related posts on any position within your content.

Yuzo Related Posts

Yuzo plugin has comprehensive set of features that you can expect from a related posts plugin. Thumbnail views, horizontal views with thumbnails, list views, built-in cache, etc.

It has a minimalist design with interesting effects. With pro version of plugin you can create your own relationship algorithm based on what you want.

Similar Posts

Similar Posts gives you complete control over the display & layout of displayed posts with over 30 tags for display template customization.

Some notable options available like matching of current post’s category, tags, content, post excluding by author, ID, category, tags and custom fields and much more.

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