Block unauthorized webcam usage

Who does not fear about the possibility of being spied upon your webcam without you knowing about it?

That’s right, hackers, malware, or even government agencies can take control of the webcam on your computer and spy on you without your knowledge. It’s a terrifying invasion of privacy, but it turns out there is a simple application that you can use to prevent it.


Who Stalks My Cam is a free Windows application which alerts you to dubious software attempting to access your webcam.

There’s an option to build a whitelist of applications which have permission to use the webcam, and block access to everything else. You can alternatively apply more general rules. For example, if the webcam is accessed by a background process, you can tell Who Stalks My Cam to close it again, or to terminate the process.

Who Stalks My Cam is a convenient webcam monitor which already has some useful features, and the developer is promising more soon.

For more information and download: Who Stalks My Cam