Check Who Has Access to your Google Drive Files

If you would like to know which files and folders in your Google Drive are shared with other users and what kind of access permissions are in place then Google Drive Permissions Auditor is the right tool for you.

Google Drive Permissions Auditor creates a detailed privacy report of shared permissions and access settings of all files in your Google Drive.

Google Drive Permissions Auditor scans all the files and folders in your Google Drive and prepares an audit report detailing who has shared access to your file in Google Drive and what level of permissions they have.

You get to know about the file’s MIME type, the size of the file (handy if you are running out of storage space in Drive), the kind of access other users have on your files, the full path of the file in your Google Drive and the list of Google Accounts that have access to your files. You can click the file name in the privacy report to view or open the corresponding file in your Drive.

For more information check out: Google Drive Permissions Auditor