Create Simple and Beautiful Presentations on Linux

Spice-up is a modern and intuitive desktop presentation app built from the ground up for elementary OS, it gives you everything you need to create simple and beautiful presentations.

Usage is pretty straightforward. You can pick any of the available templates on start or start your presentation from scratch if you prefer that. Use the controls that Spice-Up provides to you to design slides, create new ones, or save the entire presentation to the local system.

Features include:

  • Exporting to PDF: Share your presentation with anyone, no matter the platform they’re at
  • Presentation Browser: Scroll though the presentations you have made and jump right into them with one click!.
  • Controller Support: If you have a USB or Bluetooth controller, plug it in and control your slides!
  • Templates, so you can whip up a presentation in a blink of an eye.
  • Edit images in your favorite editor, and it will automatically update when saved
  • Web Viewer: Presentations can now be viewed from a web browser if Spice-Up is not installed, even if you’re not using Linux
  • And much more!
For more information and download: Spice-up