Deepen your understanding of security threats

Deepen your understanding of security threats with a first-hand look at attack code, and explanation of how it works. Videos are hosted by Corey Nachreiner of WatchGuard.

Botnet architecture for beginners

See actual malicious code and understand how it works. Corey Nachreiner explains botnet architecture for beginners, then builds a bot client.

Botnets in action

Learn how a bot herder uses his bot army for attacks such as Distributed Denial of Service, getting command line control of victims, installing spyware, and more.

Defending your network from botnets

WatchGuard’s Corey Nachreiner shows you how to protect yourself from a botnet infection with five key steps.

Botnet Source Code for Overachievers

This screen-capture video supplement to “Understanding Threats: Malware Analysis: Botnets, Part 1” examines bot source code line by line.

The basics of rootkits

Corey defines rootkits, then demonstrates a real rootkit found in the wild. See what investigative processes it hides from, how an attacker configures it, and more.

Rootkits: inline function hooking

Corey explains inline function hooking, what kinds of Windows functions are susceptible to hooking, and how rootkits use hooking for backdoor access to your network.

Rootkits: Detection and Defense

Topics chosen by user vote. Kernel mode rootkits; leading techniques and tools for detecting rootkits; how your Firebox helps stop rootkits from entering your network.

Drive-By Download

Corey Nachreiner, CISSP, shows what happens when a Windows XP computer browses the kind of malicious Web site that takes over your PC the instant you visit.