Disable Insecure Login Field Warning in Firefox

The new version of Mozilla Firefox web browser – version 52.0 has brought some new security enhancements. With the new release comes an insecure warning on any page that offers a login form over an HTTP connection instead of HTTPS.

This is part of the industry-wide campaign to move away from HTTP, which is insecure, and leaves users’ online activity vulnerable to snooping, interception, modification, and much more.

While this warning serves the purpose for the times when you are unaware of that fact whether you are entering login credentials on a secure or an insecure web page, this warning is just a nuisance when you have to login to an insecure website regularly.

Besides this warning message, it disables the browser’s form auto-filling feature. If you have to work with many sites which use only the HTTP protocol, this can be also extremely annoying.

In any case you might want to disable the warning messages following the steps below.

  • In the Firefox web browser, type about:config in the address bar and press Enter.
  • A warning will appear in Firefox. Click on the I accept the risk! button to proceed. If you aren’t familiar with about:config, it’s simple: just type about:config into Firefox’s address bar and you’ll be greeted with hundreds of hidden settings tweaks that change how Mozilla Firefox works.

  • Look for the preference named security.insecure_field_warning.contextual.enabled. To change a value for a key, simply enter its name/paste into the Search textbox at the top. Double-click on it to change its value to false.

  • Look for the preference named signon.autofillForms.http. Double-click on it to change its value to true.

From now on, you won’t see the insecure login warning in Firefox anymore.