Find Out the Technology Behind Websites

There are many free online website reporting tools available, which let you know email address behind a website, what operating system, web server, web technologies are being used. Here we will list some of the best free website reconnaissance services available online.


Netcraft Site Report is probably one of the oldest website reconnaissance services available online, which helps you in finding various useful information about any particular website.

Built With

Built With online Internet research tool will let you know what technologies are used to build a website and it also provides you related technology trend statistics in a attractive chart format.

W3 Techs

W3 Techs Site Info tool let you know following detailed information in tabular format.

  • Popularity ranking
  • CMS used like WordPress, Joomla, drupal, etc
  • Programming language used like PHP, Node.js, javascript, etc
  • Markup
  • Character encoding
  • Image file formats
  • Site elements – external CSS, inline CSS,
  • Compression, SPDY, HTTP/2, HSTS, SSL cert details,
  • Analytics, Web server, analytics, reverse proxy details


Allora is a service that provides you with lists of websites using the chosen web technology. Allora crawls hundreds of millions of websites each week and scan each of them for the technology they use.


Similartech will analyze websites and attempt to detect the platform, hosting and other technologies used. No plugins or extensions required and works with any browser.