Free Windows Disk Cleanup Alternative

Microsoft has announced during the release of Windows 10 version 1809, the October 2018 Update that they are removing the classic Disk Cleanup tool in favor of the Storage Sense feature.

Disk Cleanup is an essential Windows system tool which allows you to delete various unwanted files created by the OS to save space on your disk drive. Disk Cleanup isn’t immediately disappearing from your machine, but it is nearing its shelf life as far as Microsoft is concerned. It can still be used by right-clicking a drive, selecting Properties, and then click the Disk Cleanup button to launch it.

Cleanmgr+ is an attempt to replicate Disk Cleanup functionality. Cleanmgr+ comes with modern UI when compared to the current Disk Cleanup and with an additional feature set (hence the +), such as the feeding with Custom scripts, Browser cache cleanup, etc.


There are many Disk Cleaner utilities out there, but the goal with this one was to create a tool that uses Windows own resources ensuring that only system-compliant actions are performed. Cleanmgr+ is offered as a beta version at the time of writing and you may run into issues downloading or executing it.

For more information and download: Cleanmgr+