Legal Way to Watch Free Movies and Documentaries Online

You may have tried searching for free movie download websites on your favorite search engine, you may have been presented with a long list of illegal websites promising to download your favorite blockbuster in a matter of seconds. But, apart from being illegal, in most cases these websites are also a gateway to malware.

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Downloading movies, TV shows and documentaries from an illegal source like torrent websites can often get you in trouble. Instead of becoming a victim of illegal download websites, there are many legal sources that provide free movies, TV shows and documentaries . So, without much delay, we present you with some of the best free online websites to watch movies, TV shows and documentaries.


Crackle is owned by Sony, so it features a robust lineup of movies and TV shows from Sony Pictures Entertainment. In the collection of full-length movies, you’ll find a good number of blockbuster hits along with a generous selection of B-movies.


This free movie streaming website is owned by Screen Media Ventures. The website offers lots of public domain movies and original content. You can use this website to view content on any type of device without spending a single penny.

The Internet Archive Feature Films

The Internet Archive is like a goldmine for the fans of feature films, music, and books. From The Internet Archive, you can now download hundreds of movies for free in the form of torrents.

Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films is, hands down, one of the best if not the best site to go to for documentaries. Not every selection is full-length, but a good documentary doesn’t have to be long — some of the best are under the 60-minute mark.


For those of us looking to discover something different, SnagFilms has over 2,000 movies, TV show episodes, eye-opening documentaries and exclusive original comedy shorts. There is something to watch for everyone!

Documentary Heaven

There are thousands of free documentaries at Documentary Heaven that can be sorted by rating and by the top 100. The videos here are submitted by anyone, which means there’re are lots of public documentaries that can be viewed.

Classic Cinema Online

If you are a fan of classic cinema, Classic Cinema Online is going to become your new best friend. This free movie download website hosts a lots of great classics.


Discover the most original titles across Anime, Drama, Documentaries, Horror, Thrillers and more.


DocumentaryStorm is chock-full of nothing but free documentaries. The different documentaries are sectioned into unique categories, such as Art, Sexuality, Indie Films, Biography, Mockumentaries, and Culture.

Tubi TV

Watch lots of movies and TV shows for free. No subscription fees, and no credit cards. Just thousands of hours of streaming video content from studios like Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM and more.