List of boot menu and BIOS keys by manufacturer

Easily find your boot menu option and system BIOS keys for all laptops and desktops. Below is a list of computer brands with their corresponding hot-keys.

Manufacturer Type Boot Menu Option Keys System BIOS Keys
Lenovo Desktop F12, F8, F10 F1, F2
Lenovo Laptop F12, Nano Button, Fn + F11 F1, F2 or Nano Button
Lenovo Notebook F12, Enter F2
Intel F10
HP Desktop Esc, F9 F10, Esc
HP Generic Esc, F9 Esc, F10, F1
HP Laptop Esc F10
HP Notebook Esc Esc or F10
HP Tower Esc F1
Dell Desktop F12 F2
Dell Laptop F12 F2
Asus Desktop F8 F9
Asus Laptop Esc F2 or Delete
Asus Notebook Esc, F8 F2, Delete
Acer Esc, F12, F9 Del, F2
Acer Notebook F12 F2
Samsung Esc, F12
Samsung Notebook Esc F2
Samsung Ultrabook Esc F2
Samsung Ultrabook Ative Book F2 F10
Sony Laptop Assist Button, Esc, F11  Assist Button, F1, F2, F3
Toshiba Laptop F12 F2
Toshiba Protege, Satellite, Tecra F12 F1, Esc
Toshiba Equium F12 F12
Compaq Presario Esc, F9 F10
Fujitsu Laptop F12 F2
Packard Bell F8 F1, Del
eMachines F12 Tab, Del
Sharp F2

Apple Boot Keys

Command + Option + P + R (PRAM and NVRAM Reset)
Command + S (Boot into Single-User Mode)
Command + V (Boot with Verbose Status)
Option (Select Hard Drive Boot Volume)
Option + N (Boot Image from Netboot Server)
Shift (Boot into Safe Mode)
C (Boot from CD Drive)
D (Boot from OS/X Recovery and perform Hardware Test)
N (Boot from Network)