New All-In-One starter WordPress theme

An all-in-one starter WordPress theme equipped with a build process preset using modern tools like Gulp, Babel, ESLint, and Visual Studio Code integration. WP Rig will help you create beautiful, lightning-fast WordPress themes with exciting user experiences that meet the latest web standards.

Out of the box you get a fully styled starter theme built for performance and maintainability. The starter theme gives you a starting point for your designs and layouts; minimal templates with optional drag-and-drop files from the WordPress Template Hierarchy; code and file structure optimized for modern performance standards (including lazy-loading images); and well documented helper functions to make theme development and customization easy.

To help you get the most out of WP Rig and to show its support for the WordPress community, LinkedIn Learning has released the free course WordPress: Building Progressive Themes with WP Rig.

For more information and download: WP Rig