Remove Restrict Editing from Word Documents 2019 Guide

Microsoft Word allows users to set restriction on the word documents to prevent the users from editing & formatting documents created by Word. To remove restrict editing from a word document without password please follow instructions below please note that this method should also work on Microsoft Excel documents.

First make sure that the your Word file has “.docx” file extension. If the file is using old “.doc” format then you need to save it again in Word to “.docx” format else below information will not work.

OPTIONAL STEP: If for some reason you can’t see file extensions of your files on your computer, then open File Explorer or search for it. Click the View tab in File Explorer. Click the box next to File name extensions to see file extensions.


Step 1: Make sure you make a copy of the original file before proceeding with instructions below in case something goes wrong and then you can turn to your backup file. Now, rename the copied file from “.docx” to “.zip” extension.


Step 2: Right click on your zip file and click on Open with and then Windows Explorer.


Step 3: Navigate to word folder, and find the settings.xml file right click and delete it.


Step 4: Rename your file, changing the .zip extension back to .docx


Step 5: Open your modified file and now your file should be unlocked for editing. If this post helped you please share it with your friends and community.