Disable Website Notifications in Chrome & Firefox

Ever since browsers introduced the “Push API” technology, more and more websites are making use of show web notifications feature. These notifications are generally called web notifications. By default, web browser ask for your permission when it wants to show web notifications. If you grant the permission, you will see a notification whenever a new […Read More]

Best Chrome Extensions for Designers and Developers

Chrome is the most popular browser with a main market share leaving Firefox and Internet Explorer behind as shown in the latest browser statistics by W3Schools. There are many reasons designers and developers love using Google Chrome as it is fast, reliable and offers tons of free extensions. Below we have selected some of the best […Read More]

Smart CSS viewer for Chrome

Inspect styles in a simple, well-organized & beautiful way with this Chrome extension. Select any object on website to get a well-organized specification with some handy properties that you can easily use in Sketch or Photoshop. CSS Peeper allows you to inspect whole color palette used on a website. You can see all of them […Read More]

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