Free Desktop Workstation for Web Apps

This free application is best described as desktop workstation for your web apps. No more getting lost in tons of tabs. Station is designed to let you switch between all your work applications in one click. It adapts to you and your way of working. The application integrates hundreds of web services (web apps) that […Read More]

Play Old Classic Games Free Online

Classic Reload is a free online site that lets you play thousands of classic PC games directly online in your web browser. ClassicReload was setup for preservation of 5,000+ old retro abandonware games and abandoned OS/interfaces that you can play online right in your web browser for education and research purposes. The game engines use […Read More]

Find Out the Technology Behind Websites

There are many free online website reporting tools available, which let you know email address behind a website, what operating system, web server, web technologies are being used. Here we will list some of the best free website reconnaissance services available online. Netcraft Netcraft Site Report is probably one of the oldest website reconnaissance services […Read More]

Add Fancy Formatting To Your Tweets

Are you in-need of some extravagant text styles for your tweets? if so please check out the following Google Chrome extension. Bedazzle is a Chrome browser extension which adds unicode transforming functions to your Tweet editor on What the add-on actually does is add a new box to the compose window on When […Read More]

How to Do a Reverse Image Search

If you have an image and want to know its origin or find similar images you could use Google Images and perform a reverse image search. Google’s reverse image search is a breeze on a desktop computer. Go to, click the camera icon, and either paste in the URL for an image you’ve seen […Read More]

Try and Learn JavaScript Online is a resource built by the Code School team for the JavaScript community. It is now and will always be free. Because JavaScript is a great language for coding beginners, They have gathered some of the best free learning resources around and built a JavaScript course to help new developers get up and running. […Read More]

Popular Node.js MVC Frameworks

Here we have listed popular Node.js MVC frameworks for your consideration. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices. Sails.js Sails makes it easy to build custom, enterprise-grade Node.js apps. It is designed to emulate the familiar MVC pattern of […Read More]

Best Websites For Free Audio Books

An audio book is simply a digitally recorded version of the printed paper book being read out aloud by a narrator. Audio books provide many different benefits like you can listen to audio book while taking care of your chores, multiple people can listen at the same time, you can carry hundreds of audio books […Read More]

Legal Way to Watch Free Movies and Documentaries Online

You may have tried searching for free movie download websites on your favorite search engine, you may have been presented with a long list of illegal websites promising to download your favorite blockbuster in a matter of seconds. But, apart from being illegal, in most cases these websites are also a gateway to malware. Downloading […Read More]

Blockchain Technology Explained

Blockchain technology is a relatively new concept and can be a confusing concept to understand. Here in this article we will try to simplify things by first explaining what is a blockchain. A Blockchain is a distributed database or ledger that multiple parties share and everyone can trust. A Blockchain network provides a mutually trusted, […Read More]

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