Hidden Keylogger Found on HP Laptops

Hidden software that can record every letter typed on a computer keyboard has been discovered pre-installed on hundreds of HP laptop models. Security researcher Michael Myng found HP had a keylogger in the keyboard driver. The keylogger saved scan codes to a WPP trace. The logging was disabled by default but could be enabled by […Read More]

Run More Than One Instance of Firefox

Here is a quick tip on how to run multiple instances of Firefox at the same time using Firefox profile manager. A profile in Firefox is the collection of settings, customizations, and personalizations that a user has made in the program. You can find details about profiles on Mozilla’s end-user support site. Linux Run this […Read More]

Windows Data Loss Prevention for Small Business

Data loss prevention solutions can be very costly to implement and cost is often the first hurdle in determining whether or not a small business implements a data loss prevention plan. This video is designed to showcase that it is possible to design solid data loss prevention plan without investing a lot of money. This […Read More]

Top Free VPN Services

In this day and age, it is very important to use a good VPN (Virtual private network) to hide your IP address from the outside world. A Virtual Private Networks (VPN) allows you to communicate private information securely over a public network. Usually large corporations, educational institutions and government agencies use VPN technology to enable […Read More]

Information Gathering Using Windows Command-Line

Ethical hackers or pen testers, use several tools and techniques to collect important information about the target systems. Windows offers several command line utilities that are helpful for information gathering. To gain better understanding of the machine, what it does, what it is connected to, what level of privilege we have or what operating system […Read More]

Best free GUI Git clients

Git comes with built-in GUI tools for committing (git-gui) and browsing (gitk), but there are several third-party tools for users looking for platform-specific experience. With following free tools you will be able to create branches, collaborate with other developers, and commit changes without touching the command line. SourceTree Sourcetree simplifies how you interact with your […Read More]

Best Free Text Editors

Text editors are used by programmers and developers for manipulating plain text source code, editing configuration files or viewing error logs. Text editors are scaled-down from the full functionality of an integrated development environment (IDE), but may have plugins that blur the lines between the two. Here’s our pick of the best text editors. Sublime […Read More]

Best Free Data Destruction Software

Simply reformatting a disk or reinstalling the operating system does not guarantee the old data is unreadable. In this article, we’ve listed best free data destruction software that you should consider next time you are getting rid of your old computer drives consider using the following free data destruction software. DBAN Darik’s Boot and Nuke, […Read More]

Better way to manage Windows Firewall

Windows built-in firewall is not so intuitive to configure and manage, which is why most of the time will just leave users intimidated to touch the default settings. Windows Firewall Control is a powerful tool which extends the functionality of Windows Firewall and provides new extra features which makes Windows Firewall even better, easier to use […Read More]

How To Search Inside Multiple Text Files on Windows

Most of us rely on in built search application to find files and launch programs, but searching for text within files is limited to specific file types or non-existent by default. If you don’t want to install any third-party software and you are comfortable with the command line, then you should skip to the bottom […Read More]

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