Windows Data Loss Prevention for Small Business

Data loss prevention solutions can be very costly to implement and cost is often the first hurdle in determining whether or not a small business implements a data loss prevention plan. This video is designed to showcase that it is possible to design solid data loss prevention plan without investing a lot of money.

This video below will demonstrate data loss prevention on a budget using existing and low cost technologies to reduce the risk of data loss involved with systems failure.

1. Centralized storage of data + good computer use policy
Single system to backup
Administrative control over data

2. Clear organization of data and access rights to that data
Easily understood and documented file system permissions
Optionally delegated control

3. Volume shadow copy on the server (and workstations – optional)
Self service recovery of files and folders

4. Server backup and recovery
If your servers disk array dies, you won’t have to start over

5. Offsite replication or rotation of data sets
If a disaster destroys your business, you’ll be able to access important data